WhatsApp hidden features 2019 | There are many things you can do with WhatsApp

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps at the moment and at present, WhatsApp users have more than a billion active users. There are many hidden features of WhatsApp that can be quite useful to you.

If you make a lot of use of WhatsApp and want to improve your chatting experience then you can use these tips and tricks in WhatsApp.

Whatsapp group photos and videos like this
It often happens that you do not want to see many videos and photos in your phone’s gallery in WhatsAppSpace Groups. But it is also difficult to heed them.

There is a feature of WhatsApp that you probably do not know about. Through this feature you can hide the media files in the Whitespace group in the gallery. For this, you will have to tap on the name of the group by going to the Whatsap Group and tap on the name of the group. You must tap on the Media Visibility option given here, by doing so, you can browse the photos and videos coming to this group in the Gallery in the future.

You can hide your Whatsapp Story from some contacts.
Whotsapp’s Story feature is quite popular. If you use WhatsApp Story often and do not want to share the story with all the WhatsApp contacts, there is also option available in WhatsAppSet.

For this you need to go to Whatsapp settings and go to the account, select the status of the privacy option and select “My Contacts Accept” and select the users who want to scroll the story.

Blue Tick on Such Delete Messages
If you are reading a Whatsapp message and do not want to show the sender that they have read the message, then you can adopt this method.
You have to disable Blue Ticks for this. To do this, go to Settings on WhatsApp and click on the account and select the privacy option. Uncheck the Reid Receipts button given here. It should be noted that if you do this then you will not even know whether your messages are read by another receiver or not.

AutoSuggestions for Whatsapp Messages
You can reply to Whatsap Messages only in the Notification panel and reply directly. You need to download the Google reply app for this. After this, whenever you receive a WhatsApp message, you can reply directly from some smart reply related to that message.

Whatsapp Messages Can Schedule
To schedule whatsapp messages you need to download a Scheduler app for WhatsAppSpace. After grading accessibility permissions, you can fill in the Requirement Field and schedule a message to schedule your message.

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