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Selfie is fond of but you can not take the same selfie as you like? So do not worry. Here we will tell you about some apps that will help you get a better selfie than normal smartphone.
Beauty Plus Magical Camera
If you want to have a good selfie then install this app in your smartphone today. Here you can edit your photo as desired. With this, you can remove the scars of your face, as well as retweet your skin.
This is a great option for selfies. It has also got a good rating on the Google Play Store. It can also create beautiful photos, collages, videos and gifs. Not only this, through this app, you can also mark your memory with the original stamp.
There is no better app than Prisma if selfie has to give a great effect. This photo editing app was first launched for iOS, but soon it became a hit due to a hand-sketch. Users can take selfie by selecting the effects of their choice.

Many times you want to take selfies but do not want to miss the front landscape! In this case FrontBack App is your job. Through this app, you can click the photo from both front and back cameras. Take selfie through this app and make the surrounding beauty a part of selfie.
Eucham perfect

If there is any spam element in Selfie, then the mood gets spoiled. Your solution to this problem is the Yukem Perfect App. With a few clicks, you can remove unwanted elements from your selfies. By the way, this app also automatically improves your selfie to a great extent before the shutter release button clicks.
Candy camera
Your selfies look different in the crowd, for this, good effects are necessary. With the candy camera app, you can add 100 pixel effects and filters to Selfie. Beauty function, skin smoothing effect, some of them are selective effects.

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