The report / more than 48 thousand Indians also downloaded the Facebook Research App, the users earned up to Rs 5 lakhs

In TechCrunch’s report claimed that Facebook gave users $ 20 to install Research app
Through this app Facebook received personal data from users, Apple removed this app from App Store
Claims in the Media Report, Indian users referenced this application to earn millions of rupees
Gadget desk There is a new report about Facebook’s controversial app ‘Facebook Research App’. The news website LiveMint has claimed in its report that more than 48 thousand users downloaded this app in India. Not only this, users have refered this app to millions and earned millions of rupees. Most of the users who install this app are Android users.

In fact, tech website TechCrunch had claimed in the report that Facebook has installed users ” Facebook Research ” app in Android and iOS devices so far from 2016 to 20 dollars per month (around Rs 1,400) as well as referrals Also given the fees. According to TechCrunch, through this app, Facebook received personal data from users, which included personalized photos along with their personal messages.

Indian user earned 5 lakh rupees
According to a livemint report, Hishit Ahuja, 19, earns more than Rs 5 lakh through Facebook’s app. According to the report, Harshit had downloaded this app on April 16, 2018. Hershit claims that he has now downloaded this application to 500-700 people through referral and earning more than Rs. 5 lakhs through this. Besides Hershit, another user K Krishan has also earned Rs 1 lakh through referrals.

Facebook created the research app in 2016
In 2016, the team of Oanoo made a research app that used to take every information of the user’s phone and web activity. Facebook has given money to install this app. Facebook spokesman Ariel Arguris said, “There is nothing hidden in it, this is Facebook’s research app, it is not being spied on people. People agreed to share it and given the money for it. . ”

Apple removed from App Store, Google did not respond
After reports of TechCrunch’s report, Apple removed Facebook’s Research App from the App Store. Through this app, tracking Facebook users’ phones was also receiving their personal information. Apple banned the app from the app store, stating it against privacy. At the same time, Google has not responded yet, but this app is no longer present on the Google Play Store. Also, new users can not sign up on this app anymore.

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