If you want liberation from social media then Lucknow should come

Lucknow: If you have been involved in social media addiction in your family, then this news is special for you. Yes, to get rid of social media addiction, Facebook, Twitter, mobile games, Instagram, to get rid of this, to open a special clinic in the mental illness department of King George’s Medical University located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The plan is being worked on.

For the treatment of loneliness and people suffering from mental illness due to excessive use of social media and technology, a clinic called the Service for Healthy Use of Technology (SHUT), four years ago, in Bangalore’s National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience (NIMHANS) was launched. In view of the increase in the number of patients coming here and the benefits of this, KGMU’s mental disorder department has also decided to open a similar clinic.

KGMU’s Head of Mental Disorders Department Prof. PK Broker said that this clinic would prove to be very helpful for the people getting sick with the use of technology. The people coming here will be encouraged to consult and use the social media for the least amount of time.
Pro. Dalal said, “Today most of the children of middle class families have become accustomed to mobile. He is active on social media on mobile, plays games and also sees content that he should not see. These habits have a bearing on their studies and eyes, as well as they prefer to be alone and become irritable. He refuses to use the mobile when he refuses. ”

He told that Nimhans director, Prof. BN Gangadhar suggested in the National Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society in Lucknow that ‘Shut Clinic’ will be opened in all major and major medical institutions of the country for the adolescents and young people affected by the social media problems. He has also talked to the Health Ministry about this. On the same advice, the KGMU in Lucknow is working on a plan to open such a clinic.

Prof Dalal says that on the lines of Nimhans, we are planning to open such a clinic soon in KGMU. But its name will be something rather than a shut-down clinic. He told that Nimhans was the first shuttle clinic in Bangalore once a week, but considering the increasing number of people coming here, it was decided to open it twice in a week. Pro broker recommends that counseling centers should be started in schools and colleges to identify the side effects of technology.

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