How to create an Android app, Android Apps Kaise Banate Hai

We all know that India is becoming very digital, which has its own website, wants to create its own app and it has become necessary, there is a huge software to create Android apps, Which would make Android Apps coded by coding but if you want to make free on your website, there are some online tools for creating Free Android Apps, which will help you Ndraid app so you can create very easily one way to do that, let’s see, today we will tell you that you can easily create apps how your website is

Understand user intent –

If you are making apps, then first of all, you need to understand the processing of your website. It is important to know that if your user downloads your apps, then he will be able to run your apps properly. By knowing about this, you can prepare the App by applying the complete Complete Cycle of the App Development Process. By which any Quality App was created. If you are building an app for your website then all the processes have to do with your mind if you have to make an app for your website. So you have to think of yourself which function and how will it be right.

First of all, make the entire design of the app on the paper.

After creating the design, you should use an online tool to create an app.

Now you can find ways to create Function, Icon, using Coding on the Internet, on YouTube, and find out the Coding Language online Learn about it.

If you are experiencing any problem, then follow the things we are now telling you –

First go to Online Apps Maker Tools (

Now you will see the button of the Create App, click on it.

Now you will see some options, from which you have to click on the website’s option.

You will now see the URL of the website in front of you and the option of an NEXT will also be visible. You will need to enter the URL and click on the next button.

If you want to preview your app, click Preview, click on the mobile that is shown,

Now you have to name, description, and icon this app.

Now you can click on Create App

Now you will see a form, fill out your email ID and password too, and fill in the same password in Confirm password

Or if you login with Facebook by logging in from Facebook, then it will ask for permission, allow it.

Now your account has been created and your app too, if you want to get the app url and name again click on the makeup application again.

With Scan QR Code you can download this app directly on your phone.

You can download directly to the computer by clicking on the download.

You can also download the app by linking your friends or by putting them on the website.

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