Google Launches Security Key

As we all know, Google is an American multinational company that has invested a lot of money in internet search, cloud computing and advertising. It creates and develops many services and products based on the Internet. Google always takes care of the security of its customers, and taking a step forward in this direction, Google has launched Security Key to prevent online attacks.

According to the company, Security Key will protect Enterprise customers from cyberactivity. Right now, Titan Security Key will be available for the cloud customers in the early stages. It will be sold through the Google Store in the coming time. This Google Titan Security Key will be available in two variants. Bluetooth and NFC are supported in a variant, this will be for two factor authentication mobile devices, while the other variants have USB port which will be for computers and laptops.

Recently there was a report that due to Google Physical Security Keys, 85 thousand Google’s Karmachari Fishing Attacks were left in a year. Titan Security Key has been developed by Google’s firmware. Jennifer Lynn, Product Management Director, Google Cloud, wrote in a blog post: “We have long been strongly advocating the use of Security Key, especially for Cloud Admins, which can avoid cyber attacks.”

What is Security Key?
Like a two-step verification, a Security Key is also done. It looks like a normal pen drive to appear, but this is a special U2F Security Key, you can buy it online. The value of which starts at Rs 1,500, you can use it in those accounts which have the option to add Security Key. Recently Facebook has added the option of Security Key, you can use it with Facebook too.

Security Key is attached to your account. For example, if you have added Security Key to your Facebook ID, then after entering the ID and password you will have to use Security Key in the computer. The account without a Security Key will not open. That is, if someone knows your password then he can not open your account.

What is Two step verification?
Two step verification is actually a feature of Extra Security. Under this, before logging in to an account, PINs are needed, not just passwords. For example, if you use two-step authentication of Gmail, you will have to enter the PIN of the received message on the mobile after the password has to be logged. After this, your Gmail will be open, i.e. if someone gases your password, then they will not be able to open your account, as there will be a PIN on your number before.

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