Facebook Security: How to choose who can view your Facebook post, profile, get answers to every question related to security

New Delhi: After the Crambridge Anilika controversy, Facebook has been in the midst of questions about the security of users, while looking at the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Facebook has increased security to make users aware. Where now it is being told how can you keep your profile safe, who can see your profile there? Can someone check your friend list? Who can see your reaction? Who can see the photo in which you are tagged? To answer these questions, we have come up with some security tips for you. So let’s know how you can increase your Facebook security further.

1. Who can see your photos and other things on Facebook?

Whenever you upload a status or photo or video, you can choose this thing where your post will be able to reach the same people you want to show. For this you have to go to the top of the menu and select your audience. Here many people want to share their posts with their special friends. So here you can select this by going to the public or post options with your friends. If you want your post to reach everyone, you can choose the public option. At the same time, you may also change this on incorrect posting.

For this you have to go to the post. After this, you have to choose whether you want to show this post to some of your close friends or to friends or friends in your friend list. For this you have to prepare a list and add your friends who you want to share your post. After that select all the friends selected from all the friends and then group and share the post.

How to find out what your profile looks like to others?

For this, you have to go to your timeline and choose View Edge. After that the profile will automatically appear on View as Specific Person mode, after which you will get a glimpse where you will be shown how your profile looks to others. Who is the tag in which you will tag. For this also, you can go to privacy settings and select timeline and tagging where you will be given the option that your permissions are taken before tagging, at the time you put it on the timeline, you will definitely be asked once. You can even hide your About section from the people.

How to choose who can see your friend list?

For this, you will first need to go to the profile and open the Friends tab and then click Edit Privilege. After this you will have many options in which only you can see, or your close friend or the entire public. From here you can choose the same option.

How to Block a User?

If you have been troubled by someone, then you can block him and he will not even know. After that neither the user will be able to chat with you or see your profile nor will you be able to tag in any post. For this, first of all, you have to go to peacocks and then settings, after which you can go blocking and block that forever by entering the name of that person.

What to do when your account is hacked?

It means that someone else has your password too. If this happens then first click on the Help Center and then click on Privacy and Safety. Now go to Hack and Fake Accounts and select the topic. Go to the article and click on Securing Your Account. You will get all the information here. Keep trying to change your password right there.

How to remove spam or a virus link from your profile?

If there is a link or a virus on your profile that causes damage to your profile, then you can report it. For this you have to go to the right side corner and select the post and then click on Report This Post.

Secure your Facebook account with two-factor authentication

1. Log in to your Facebook account first.

2. Go to Settings then.

3. Then go to Security and Log In.

4. After going to Security and Login you will have the option of Change Password, after which you can login with the help of your profile picture. After this you can click to factor indentation.

After this you will have two modes where you can set up two factor indentation. The first is text message option and the second is through the app, ie Google and Duo Mobile.

Text message option

1. After clicking the text message option, the code for verification will be done on your registered mobile number.

2. Enter the code you have received after that code.

3. After this you will receive a confirmation message of Two Factor Authentication.

Via app

1. If your phone is not registered and you do not want to use that option, you also have a second option. You need to download the authentication app for this.

2. Now scan the QR code given on the screen and insert the code.

3. There will come a new code on your app. Use this code when you ask for code. After this, your two-factor authentication will be activated.

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