DISH TV Users Create Such a Package of their Choice

These days, everybody watching television has a question about how to pick a new pack. In the market, DTH services of Airtel DTH, Dish TV and Tata Sky are dominated. We had already told you about making your pack on Airtel DTH under the new framework of TRAI. Now we will tell you how to create a channel pack on Dish TV.

The TV audience has to choose the channel of their choice till February 1, 2019. Under TRAI’s new framework, viewers will now pay only for the channels they want to see. The good thing is that the major DTH operators in India have announced the price of the new channel packs. DISH TV has also announced.

Customers of DISH TV can choose the channel of their choice from the company’s website and app. If you have a question about how it will be? We will tell about it. Like choosing an Airtel DTH pack, it is very easy to create a new pack on DISH TV too.

Create your Recharge Pack from DISH TV website
1. First go to Dish TV’s website. The first banner here will give you the option of choosing your choice under the new framework of TRAI. Click on the Click Here button on the banner.
2. Now log in with your Dish TV ID. If you do not have an ID, then after registering yourself please login.
3. As soon as you login, you will be taken to the page which has the ability to select channels. Above is channel category – English, Hindi, Infotainment, Kids, Sports. Below this you will see a list of channels.

4. The first channel will appear in Ala-Carte format. You can also choose from DISH Combo and Bouquets. Here you choose the channels you like according to your need.
5. The good thing is that when you select the channel, you will see a cart. Here the number of channels of standard definition and high definition will be seen.
6. After selecting the channel, click the Proceed button. Done the choice of your channel or pack.

Make your Recharge pack from DISH TV mobile app
1. First download Dish TV app in your phone. Login via ID. The first banner in the app will be available only with TRAI’s new framework. Tap on it.
2. On next page, you will get the option of choosing channels like Dish TV’s website. The top category is – English, Hindi, Infotainment, Kids, Sports.
3. Below you will see a list of channels. Here is the option of DISH Combo, Channels and Bouquets. From here you can choose the channel according to your liking.
4. At the bottom of the screen you will see YOUR CART. From here you can know how many channels you have chosen. When you think you’ve made your favorite Dish TV pack. Click your cart. Tap on Proceed on the next page. In this way you will be able to choose your own pack.

To use the service of Dish TV, you have to pay a minimum of Rs 153. In this you will get a total of 100 channels. If you select more than 100 channels Additional 25 slabs have to be paid for every 25 channels. If you select more than 15 additional channels then you will get additional 24 rupees. For less than 15 channels, you have to pay an additional 1 tax (plus tax) for each channel. It is reported that every HD channel will be considered as two channels.

Hopefully, based on the suggestions given in this article, you will be able to choose your new DISH TV pack.

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