Apple replaces more than 10 million iPhone batteries, losses of crores

Digital Desk, New Delhi Technology giant Apple has replaced the 11.1 million iPhone batteries. These batteries have been replaced by the company under their battery replacement program. However, the number of replacement is significantly higher than the company’s estimation. Blogger John Groupe, who monitors Apple closely, says the company’s estimation was to replace between 10 and 20 million batteries under the replacement program, but it was more than Apple’s estimated.

Chance of users
Apple CEO Tim Cook told these figures about the battery replacement in a given interview given to a TV channel. According to which Apple launched its battery replacement program in January last year, which continued until December 31, 2018 Under this program, the iPhone 6 and followed iPhones batteries were to be replaced. Under this scheme, Apple was giving its users an opportunity to replace the iPhone’s battery at very low prices.

Such losses occurred
Under the battery replacement program, the iPhone user was given the chance to replace the battery at $ 29. Users connecting this program changed their battery of their old iPhone instead of buying a new iPhone of $ 1,000 (about 70 thousand rupees). Which caused Apple to lose $ 11 billion (about 77 thousand million rupees). It is being said, however, that 1 million 10 million (11 million) users have replaced their old iPhone’s battery at $ 29. This resulted in the company’s profit of $ 319 million (about 22.66 billion rupees).

Start of program
The program started two years ago, when Apple was accused of reducing the old battery-powered Iphones speed to increase iPhone sales. Italy’s Consumer Authority has imposed a penalty of 10 million Euros (83.46 million rupees) on Apple for slapping old phones through software updation.

Say company
However, the company said on the allegations that the company does this to increase the old model’s life. Apple said that users are given better experience through software update. Apple said that due to the old battery, the possibility of giving off without the iPhone was significantly increased. Apple said that since the battery replacement program, all old iPhones have started working with their full capability again.

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